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Maximum Storage
MaxSto Push-Pull:

The Concept is similar to the compactor storage system but without Mechanical Drive.The unit will be operated manually.Ideally suitable for Documents and light storage material.
MaxSto Compactor Storage System :
Push your shelves together:

A single aisle will provide access to all shelves and also increase capacity by about 80% Shelving units are mounted on mobile bases which run on tracks set into the floor, the shelving unit can be opened and closed when required, making it possible to make one aisle do the work of many. The system fully utilizes the full height,width and depth allowing you to maximize storage in the space available. The closed aises also brings security to the items stored and improves your working environment.
MaxSto Vertical Carousels:
Optimizing storage space:

This automated system uses minimum floor space and maximum height for storage.Carriers are closely mounted on twin chains in a closed loop operating on paternoster elevator principle.The required material can be called at the touch of a button by the nearest path to the operation zone.
Maxsto Display Rack:

A very innovative product which combines the ease of display, storage and also be used for advertisement/signage. Suitable for malls and departmental stores, requires very little floor space and can utilize height to the maximum. Ideal for high value items like jewellery, cosmetics & accessories, watches etc. The shelves can be sequenced to be displayed at the eye level, making it convenient for the customer as he does not have to bend to view the items on display.
Multi-Tier Storage System:

Easily erected Storage racks on several levels with connecting mezzanine floor resulting maximum utilization of storage space.
Pallet Racking System:

Free Standing, cost effective storage solution for pallets.
Steel Pallets:

Tailor made as per specific requirements
Cantilever Raking System:

Long bars can be effectively stored using Cantilever Raking System.
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